Pocket Puppies
Est. 2006 - Barham, NSW

Non Shedding Toy Cavoodles 4.5 - 7kg

Australia's Esteemed Home of Toy Cavoodles

Our Toy Cavoodles are a wonderful combination of a Pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Pure Toy Poodle, we welcome to you our exclusive bundles of joy known as the Pocket Puppy Toy Cavoodle

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We are featured with:

Tennis legend: Pat Rafter & Family

Entertaining program: The Today Show

Creature Mania TV starring: Dr. Katrina Warren, Pocket Puppy Obi & Ethan

Talented Kierath Family owners of: Hoselink

Bondi Vet, the Amazing: Dr. Chris Brown

Beloved Olympian: Hayley Lewis

Trusted & Entertaining: Dr. Katrina Warren & Today Show

Youth Mental Health Foundation: HeadSpace

Adored Australian Event: Sydney Royal Easter Show

Internationally Acclaimed: Model Co.

Delightful Boutique: Dressed by Finn 

At Pocket Puppies we are a family that has always included toy cavoodles in our lives. Our puppies have never shed hair and we breed Toy Cavoodles so we can share our unique puppies with Australians in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and loving homes all over the nation.

Tennis Legend Pat Rafter, his lovely wife Lara and his delightful children, Josh and India have given little Black Cavoodle Georgie a wonderful home.

Pocket Puppy Poppy starred on the Today Show

Gorgeous little Pocket Puppy Poppy was only in her new home for 3 days before melting the hearts of the Today Show in this wonderful segment.

Pocket Puppy Obi and his owner Ethan starred in the TV program, Creature Mania 

Creature Mania on Channel Nine is a fantastic program that has featured the talented Dr. Katrina Warren who showed Ethan and his Pocket Puppy, Obi a fun trick.  

As Katrina's says: "Obi is one of the cutest dogs I have ever met"

To see more of Obi's adventures, follow him on instagram

Pocket Puppy Tillie welcomed by the Hoselink Family

The lovely Tim & Nicky Kierath, welcomed their Pocket Puppy Tillie in 2016. The Kierath family are founders of Hoselink, a trusted Australian business with wonderful family values.

Tillie has been recently featured in their TV ad which is fun for all to see and share.

toy cavoodle puppies

A Pocket Puppy and Dr. Chris Brown

Pocket Puppy Toy Cavoodle Kailey with her veterinarian, the amazing Dr. Chris Brown, from Channel Ten's popular programs 'Bondi Vet' and 'The Living Room'. We recognise and value Dr. Brown's wonderful work with animals and are proud to share this photo with you.

cavoodle puppies for sale

Pocket Puppy Cooper & 
Australia's Much Loved Australian Icon Hayley Lewis

Olympian and beloved Australian Hayley Lewis and her beautiful family, Greg, Jacob and Kai welcomed Cooper the red toy cavoodle into their very caring home in 2015.

Hayley is an amazing Australian who is known for her swimming career, host of the biggest loser, healthy living television commercials, author of Dream, Believe, Create and the beautiful giftware store based in Brisbane, Coming Up Roses.

Pocket Puppies, Bugs & Lola with Dr. Katrina Warren & The Today Show

Adorable Bugs & Lola having fun on set with Dr. Katrina Warren and the wonderful team at the Today Show on Channel 9.

A Pocket Puppy Cavoodle with Master Groomer Naomi for the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The wonderful Wardle family of Sydney welcomed beautiful Pocket Puppy Toy Cavoodle, Teddy, into their loving home in October 2013.

Master Groomer of Seaforth, Naomi Conroy is Teddy's stylist who has entered the Sydney Royal Easter Show where she will be competing in the dog grooming sporting class - this involves racing against the clock to prepare a pooch for show.

Teddy was chosen as the cover dog of the article and as you can see he is an exceptionally stunning red toy cavoodle.

The Pocket Puppy Cavoodle Therapy Dog

We are a family that recognise the importance of the loving influence of dogs, in 2012 we donated 'Hulli', the Latte Toy Cavoodle to Bendigo Headspace, The National Youth Mental Health Foundation of Australia. 

Hulli is helping many young Australians and will continue do so in the years to come. Hulli's first birthday was a special event that showcased his wonderful healing work with teenagers and was publicised by the Bendigo Advertiser and televised by WIN news.

We recommend you read our entire page dedicated to the Pocket Puppy Therapy Dog, for the media coverage on Hulli and further understanding toward the miracle of dogs.

Molly, The Pocket Puppy from Model Co.

The wonderful and adored Shelley, founder and CEO of internationally acclaimed cosmetic company, Model Co. welcomed sweet toy cavoodle Molly into her loving home in early 2015.

Model Co. has an amazing cosmetic range that is based in Sydney and because of it's esteemed products has ambassadors such as: 

Hailey Baldwin

Elle Macpherson 

Danii Minogue

Cheyenne Tozzi

Rosie Huntington-Whitelely.

The Pocket Puppy Brand Representative for Dressed by Finn

Dressed by Finn is an elegant dog boutique for stylish pooches who love to look their best and standout from the crowd.

 The very lovely Rosie adopted her Pocket Puppy Sundae in 2014 and has had so much fun with her furry family member, his instagram has over 20k followers and to check it out please add: sundae_the_cavoodle

Sundae is an official brand representative for 

Dressed by Finn

cavoodle breeder vic

The Pocket Puppies Penthouse

Our furry family members live with us in our home in their own luxury suite, they adore the floor heating aided with double glazing and R5 insulation - which means they are cosy in winter and relaxed in summer. 

Our Pocket Puppy Penthouse was designed specifically for our dogs, being avid animal lovers we have ensured that each of our pets know they are completely loved by us everyday and in every way. 

"Australians have always been in awe and fascination of our esteemed Toy Cavoodles and we, the Pocket Puppy family, are proud to showcase and share the most beautiful babies that are and forever will be, cherished and adored by all."

Always With Love, Pocket Puppies